Welcome to the galleries, here you will find a selection of Natural History and wildlife photographs taken from various locations around the world, including Iceland, Estonia, Norway, Finland, Brazil, including Amazonia and the Pantanal. Cuba,China, Russia including including rarely visited remote areas of Kamchatka the Commander Islands and Kuril Islands and Chukotka and Norfolk in the U.K amongst others. A diversity of habitats are covered including Tropical Rainforests to Arctic Tundra, with a Gallery section on the Saltmarshes of Norfolk including rarely seen photos of this habitat underwater, galleries of the Russian Far East contain some rare images of Arctic Wildlife of the region and the Spoon-billed Sandpiper Gallery probably contains more high quality images of this critically endangered bird on its breeding grounds than anywhere else in the world, their are also sections on Neotropical Butterflies and much more. Please click on images in Galleries to enlarge and view as a slideshow if you wish.

Please note that all images on this site have been greatly reduced in size (to 160kb) and do not represent the originals which vary from 10-180mb

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